Front Desk

Susan Killian Kirby - Owner

Susan Killian Kirby

Phone: 828-256-2147
Jennifer Gott -

Jennifer Gott

Phone: 828-256-2147
Whitney Kirby -

Whitney Kirby

Phone: 828-256-2147


Sharon Killian Radke - Owner

Sharon Killian Radke

Phone: 828-256-2147
Derek Willis - Showroom Manager

Derek Willis

Showroom Manager
Jack Bebber - Salesman

Jack Bebber

Jack is our retired, part-time salesman who joins us (almost) every Saturday.


Howard Mourglea - Parts Manager

Howard Mourglea

Parts Manager
Phone: 828-256-2147
Randy Herman -

Randy Herman

Tim Evans -

Tim Evans


Bruce Hartsell - Hardware Manager

Bruce Hartsell

Hardware Manager
Phone: 828-256-2147
Bruce has been with Killians for 27 years. He knows every nook and cranny in the building. Bruce is also the "Grass Master" around here... and with his advice, you'll have the best looking yard in the neighborhood!
John Valencia - Hardware

John Valencia

John joined Killians team in September 2017. He has 10+ year of experience from Lowes, and is making much needed updates to our Hardware floor.


Scott Miller - Service Manager

Scott Miller

Service Manager
Phone: 828-256-2147
Chris Houser - Commercial Technician

Chris Houser

Commercial Technician
James Westbrook - 2-cycle & 4-cycle Technician

James Westbrook

2-cycle & 4-cycle Technician
Marcus Benfield - Service Writer/Service Coordinator

Marcus Benfield

Service Writer/Service Coordinator
Phone: 828-256-2147


Art Meadows -

Art Meadows

Daniel Dunlop -

Daniel Dunlop

Dave Krzeminski - Warehouse Manager

Dave Krzeminski

Warehouse Manager
Mike Adcock -

Mike Adcock